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Revision Policy

We are diligent with our work and try to fulfill all your needs. However, if you are not satisfied with our work for any reason you can request a revision from your client area. We believe in customer satisfaction; hence, we provide unlimited revisions to our customers.

According to our standard revision policy, the first revision round takes a minimum of 24 hours to complete, second revision round takes minimum 48 hours and after that each revision round takes minimum 72 hours to complete. In some cases, if revision is very minor, we immediately revise work and send it back.

When you place a revision request with us, our team compares your revision comments with the original guidelines. If the revision comments are different from the original guidelines, then you might have to pay an adjustment fee.

Please provide as much details as possible with your order so that you may not require any revisions. If you have an urgent revision request, then you have to pay an adjustment fee since the writer may not be available to perform the revision.

Refund Policy

You receive a 100% refund if there are any payment mistakes, i.e. identical order, double payments, etc. or when we are unable to provide a relevant writer for your order.

Under some conditions, you will receive a certain percentage of the refund. We are a company that has to uphold its reputation; therefore, we understand that a situation may arise that would compel you to cancel your order. If you inform us in due time, the cancellation process will be executed accordingly.

However, if you request us to cancel an order, then the following conditions apply:

When a writer is assigned: If a writer is assigned to your order, you will be eligible for a 50% refund.

When a writer is not assigned: If a writer is not assigned to your order, you will be eligible for a 90% refund.

When details are missing: If you cancel your order when its details are missing, you will be eligible for a 95% refund.

Delivery Time

We take delivery time very seriously. 99.98% orders are completed far before the deadline and we have been able to keep up with the demand for past several years. Some complicated orders may get tardy and might take additional time than anticipated earlier! Rest assured that your order is our top most priority and certainly, you will receive your order in due course.

We also encourage our clients to check their spam box as sometimes our emails are sent to spam box automatically. Besides, clients can also download the final files from their account area by logging in to our website using their credentials and from there they can download the final files.

Please note that our Original and Custom Writing Services are for informational purposes and your personal reference only. The clients are requested to utilize the original papers as a model for their better understanding. Submitting a custom paper without any change may result in cheating penalties by your academic institute. However, you will not be held responsible if you utilize our Original and Custom Writing Services for informational purposes.

Cancellation Policy

As a company with a good reputation, we do understand that situations may arise at times when a customer goes for order cancellation. It is to be noted here that if you inform us in time, then your order cancellation process will be executed accordingly.

If you request for order cancellation, and less than half of your deadline has not passed, then we will consider it as "In-Time Cancellation." As a result, we will accept your claim and 70% of your amount will be refunded.

However, if you request for order cancellation, and more than half of your deadline has already passed, then we will consider it as “Late Cancellation”. As a result, we will accept your claim and 40% of your amount will be refunded.

Referral Policy:

  • As specified in our referral program, the website ensures the relinquishment of the mentioned percentages of payments. This is for the purpose of actively engaging the customers in the business.
  • All payments under the referral program are transferred into the existing account of the user in the form of credit. This credit is deposited on the condition if a customer intends to use our services by placing an order.
  • The customers become eligible for huge discounts under the affiliate program designed by the website if they successfully refer our services to 11 or more people. The discounts are offered until the next 6 months of completing the eligibility criteria.
  • Payments/Credit are circulated when a referred user visits our website on our specified domain. The customers will be rewarded with credit if the referred customers used their shared link to sign up and make a purchase on the website, not otherwise.
  • If the referred customer cancels or refunds the order via website, the credits will be canceled. The credits will be canceled in case of refund or reimbursement request.
  • The website can cancel or withdraw the referral program without informing the customer at any time.
  • The customer is advised to have patience, in case of any misdealing or disputes as our management will deal with the issues.
  • In case of credit amount being greater than $500, the cash-out option may also be provided. The customer (referrer in this case) will be able to redeem via email.
  • The credit amount will be applied to the final amount being paid by the referral.
  • For each referred customer, the purchases of 6 months will be deemed as legible for awarding credit. Any other service ordered by the referral except for the referred service will not be considered as a referral and will not be awarded credit.
  • The referrers can look for the status of their qualifying referrals under the “Refer a Friend” tab in their “User’s area.” The credits are awarded to the referrals on the basis of below-mentioned packages

Basic – The referrers who have successfully referred 1-3 paid referrals fall into this category. These referrers are eligible for the credit amount of 5% on every order of confirmed referrals for the next 6 months.

Silver - The referrers who have successfully referred 4-7 paid referrals fall into this category. These referrers are eligible for the credit amount of 10% on every order of confirmed referrals for the next 6 months.

Gold - The referrers who have successfully referred 8-10 paid referrals fall into this category. These referrers are eligible for the credit amount of 15% on every order of confirmed referrals for the next 6 months.

Platinum - The referrers who have successfully referred 11 or more paid referrals fall into this category. These referrers are eligible for the credit amount of 20% on every order of confirmed referrals for the next 6 months.

Regardless of the referrer’s package, the discount given to respective referral stays constant i.e. 15%. The percentage of credit benefit for referrals in each category stays the same and doesn’t change with the upgrade of the package. The credits will be given to the eligible users according to the specified criteria and process. The website “scholarinn.com ” has got the rights to verify the account details of any user before awarding them with credits in their accounts.

The website can also revoke the credit in case the management found that any of their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives, our subsidiaries, affiliates, agents or the site itself are under the imposition of any unwanted condition or distress. All of the management’s decisions are final and irrevocable in the case of Qualifying Referral Reward deposition. The credit awarded to the referrals is not transferrable, cannot be auctioned, bartered, or sold. The website “scholarinn.com” has the right to change or amend the terms and conditions related to referral policy and general terms at any time without informing the user. To prevent any kind of outwitting from the user’s side, the company managers can:

  • Restrict the customers to sign up using more than two IDs. The user will be notified with a message telling if any match is found after reviewing the client’s information like credit/debit card number, etc.
  • In that case, the customers will be admonished by revoking the referral reward and company reserves the right to even suspend their account.
  • The website may call the referrer for confirmation and verification purposes.
  • In case of any abuse, fraud, or violation of the Privacy Policy, the website management can exercise the right to suspend the account and remove the credit of the customers.
  • The website managers can also modify the referrals in the interest of discretion as adjudged fair and appropriate.
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